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The Medical Sales Leader ShareGroup at HIDA’s Streamlining Healthcare Conference provides a peer-to-peer discussion forum for healthcare manufacturer and distributor executives to share insights and best practices around managing sales teams.

#1 Cultivate customer loyalty from integrity
Be consistent with your services and be able to say “no” when you cannot fulfill requests. Do not short-cut the sales process and make sure to do pre-call planning
or lunch.

#2 Preferred partner programs work better than one-off sales performance incentive funding formulas (spiffs)
Spiff programs distract sales reps and only work short-term whereas preferred partner programs create loyal and long-term partnerships.

#3 Get your millennials engaged and recognized
Give confidence to your millennial sales reps, get their input, and keep them engaged. Realize that they need one-on-one time and recognition.

Stay tuned for more info about the Medical Sales Leader ShareGroup at the HIDA Executive Conference on March 20-23, 2018, Orlando, FL.