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HIDA’s Executive Business Exchange (EBE), September 27, at the Streamlining Healthcare Conference is one of HIDA’s most uniquely-structured networking events. Participating distributors and manufacturers are essentially “set up” together in a series of short meetings with various companies to discuss their common business goals and strategies. These distributor-manufacturer meeting pairings are chosen through an online-based appointment setting algorithm.

How many meetings?

Over the EBE’s 3 ½ hour duration, participants can hold up to 10 different meetings (that’s a lot of meetings!). You can choose to hold either 20- or 40-minute appointments. This event is considered one of HIDA’s most productive and efficient networking settings.

Why the shorter meetings?

We think segmented, shorter meetings held at HIDA’s EBE help participants stay productive. If you’re talking to someone within a shorter appointment, you’re more inclined to stay on topic. You plan the agenda in advance. You do a little research about the companies you’re seeing. You’re direct about who you are, and what you’re looking for in your business and during your trip to the Streamlining Healthcare Conference. You’re actively listening to your meeting partners and taking close note of what they want as well. The EBE is great venue for a first impression, or for a brief check-in with one of your partners.

In some ways, the EBE experience is almost the opposite of the casual, impromptu setting of the Expos. EBE meetings take place in a much more private and quiet space where you can really home in on your conversations.

Sign up for HIDA’s EBE by Friday, June 30.

You must first be registered for the Streamlining Healthcare Conference to be eligible to participate.

What are you looking to accomplish at the EBE?